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Unique plates with dried flowers
Choose from our standards or decide what you want it to say. The plate has a front side with the flower, but it is also possible to have a longer personal message engraved on the back of the plate. It costs an extra DKK 50. Choose from 4 types of string and whether you want a bead on it. The bead can also be engraved with a heart. Unleash your creativity and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. The product is ideal for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, pregnancy announcement, a special thank you or give it to someone you know is struggling. Everyone needs to know that they matter to others.

Further information:
Diameter: 15 cm

Here you can watch a video presenting our flower plates:

Inspirational texts for the front page:

To the friend
The best friend in the world
Thank you for you
You make me happy
There is no one like you

For your boyfriend
World’s best *nickname*
I love you
We should always be together
For better or for worse

To Mom
The best mom in the world
The world’s best mom and grandma/grandma/grandmother
Happy Mother’s Day

To Dad
The best dad in the world
The world’s best dad and grandpa/grandma/grandpa/grandpa
Happy Father’s Day

For the new mom
You’re doing great
Trust yourself
You’re a good mom

For childminder
The world’s best childminder
Thank you for looking after my child
Thank you for your care

Pregnancy announcement
You must be a grandma/grandpa/grandma/grandpa
We are having a boy/girl

A special thank you
Thank you for everything you do for me
Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you

For those who are struggling
I’m here for you

You can always call
Take care of yourself

Write a personalized text on the back
Writing a personalized text for a loved one can be difficult and time-consuming. But when it’s done, it can also be liberating to have taken the time to formulate words that come from the heart and can bring joy to the other person. If you want to write a personalized text, think about the memories and special experiences you have with the other person. What can bring a smile or a tear and what is it that you have just gone through together. Take the time to delight a loved one with a personalized greeting.

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